At ERIDA ELDA , we use diamonds that a best balance between quality and price. ERIDA ELDA diamonds are unique and of "optimum quality".

ERIDA ELDA uses excellent or very good diamonds. Since cut has the greatest influence on brilliance, we have adopted the higher ranks. As for the cut, there is no significant difference in its brilliance as long as it is Very Good or better.

ERIDA ELDA uses SI1 diamonds, which are about 0.3 carat and have no inclusions that are visible to the naked eye and do not affect the brilliance of the diamond. For clarity, SI1 or higher is sufficient. This is ERIDA ELDA's conclusion.

ERIDA ELDA uses rare I-color diamonds. This color does not give a yellowish tinge to the diamond in everyday use and is very compatible with gold (the diamond appears transparent). The video below shows an I-color diamond. Note that some people feel that D color diamonds are not transparent and have a bluish tinge.