Natural diamonds and rose gold are tailored for everyday use.

“Bringing real brilliance to your everyday life. ”

A simple piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

0.3カラット 一粒ダイヤピアス ピンクゴールド 覆輪フクリン留め

ERIDA ELDA's diamonds are not the best quality, but the optimum quality that is perfect for everyday use. We use ERIDA ELDA's unique diamonds, which have a good balance of diamond brilliance and price.

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0.3カラット一粒ダイヤネックレス 一生もの ご褒美 ジュエリー 18Kピンクゴールド

Diamonds don't shine in the dark. Diamonds need light to shine. At ERIDA ELDA, we use a setting that lets in more light.

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ERIDA ELDAスタッフによる、ジュエリーコラム。ジュエリーを買う前に知っておくと得する情報等を発信中です。


Made in JAPAN